It all started on the legendary Mediterranean island of Sicily. Hailing from a family of goldsmiths, Riccardo Lorefice was a young child when he started to show a passion for his mum’s talent in the kitchen. By the time he was in his teens, he was handling almost every aspect of the family restaurant. Even then, he dreamed of creating an experience that was all his doing.

Lore & Fitch

Primo Piatto




Two naughty brothers from a little village in Sicily grew into two hard-working young men with an insatiable passion for using great food and a welcoming experience to put smiles on people’s faces. Starting with Tana del Lupo and going on to launch Monelli, the Lorefice brothers brought a proper Sicilian kitchen to the neighbouring island of Malta. Just a decade later, both restaurants are true stalwarts of the gastronomic circuit in Malta.

Secondo Piatto


The dreams that have been around longest are often those that take longest to fulfil. Riccardo’s determination to create a boutique steak experience took on a new dimension with the creation of Lore & Fitch. Named as a tribute to his family’s heritage, every aspect of the dining experience has been carefully crafted with the precision of a jeweller and the love of a gourmand.

Paying attention to the finest cuts of meat, an unparalleled wine selection, a welcoming dining space and personal service, Lore & Fitch redefines the very notion of a steakhouse.



“Love, passion, and the finest raw materials that nature has to offer are the three ingredients of the Lore & Fitch steak experience. Every member of the team at Lore & Fitch is passionate about what they do and they carry out their craft with love. This is what we built our promise upon and we hope that your experience reflects this every time you visit.”
– Riccardo